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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:33 pm    Post subject: Two's A Crowd Movie Download

Two's A Crowd Movie Download

A mysterious Russian called Psev is arriving for a conference at which Steed and Mrs. Peel have been hired to act as the security guards. However, a man called Gordon Webster who is an exact double for Steed turns up and offers his services to Psev's entourage of four people, fooling Mrs. Peel in the process and agreeing to kill Steed. Though he is thwarted it turns out that Psev is also not exactly the man that everybody had expected him to be.
This entertaining episode completed during the fourth season of The Avengers television series, shot in black and white, was originally aired in the United Kingdom 18 December 1965, and during the subsequent May was seen upon TV screens in the United States. The title is allusive to John Steed (Patrick Macnee)'s evidently having a doppelgänger, this exact copy being particularly perplexing to Steed's Avenger partner, Mrs. Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), as well as to those viewers who will immediately wonder at what may have brought about the appearance of his ostensible duplicate. Steed has been designated by his governmental office as chief of security for a defense conference to be held at a Cold War rival nation's embassy in London (actually the Edge Grove prep school in Hertfordshire). It has been determined that a mysterious secret agent, Colonel Psev, along with four aides, will be present at the upcoming convention, and since Psev has not been visually recognizable to the West, Steed is specifically charged with the ascertainment of the Colonel's true identity. The mentioned quartet of the enigmatic Psev's deputies have anteceded the Colonel to the embassy site and, in concert with their country's ambassador Brodny (Warren Mitchell), have formulated a thoroughgoing espionage exercise there that will audit the conference. By an astounding bit of luck, the group has located an exact replica of Steed, a clothing model named Gordon Webster whose complete lack of principles makes him ideal for the purposes of the spies who have come from behind the Iron Curtain. He even gulls Mrs. Peel. When she informs Steed of the existence of his duplicate, he retorts: "If I had a twin, I'm sure mother would have mentioned it." For those interested in the technological content of Avengers series episodes, there are recording devices (bugs) of several sorts, and also a remote controlled model aeroplane (Lancaster bomber), and a model submarine, the latter filmed at Tyke's Water Lake, Elstree, also in Hertfordshire. The scenario is overly complex, and may thereby cause some viewers to focus upon obvious breaches in logic and continuity, for what is, after all, a piece from a chain of tales that rely upon acceptance of fantasy. Nonetheless, outstanding performances (as ever) by Macnee and Rigg, in addition to a top-flight turn from Mitchell, will inspire a good many who view the film to grant it a high ranking.
"Two's a Crowd" is a rare disappointment, marred by weak villains and an inconsistent tone. Steed heads up security for an important conference, hoping to snare the elusive Colonel Psev, who has escaped detection for years because he's never been properly identified. The Colonel's circle of agents torment Ambassador Vladimir Jiroslav Brodny (Warren Mitchell, who would repeat the characterization in "The See-Through Man"), until they spot a male model who looks exactly like Steed, only without the scruples. It doesn't take long for them to convince the unpolished double to replace the real Steed, and start by convincing Mrs. Peel that he can actually pass for the real thing. Alas, the hapless Brodny can't hold a candle to Nigel Stock's Zalenko, Steed's friendly enemy from "Concerto," but once he fades into the background, things improve considerably, especially with Patrick Macnee's solid dual performance (he always complements his fellow actors). Warren Mitchell was already a series veteran ("The Golden Fleece" and "The Charmers"), but newcomer Julian Glover proved to be one of its most dependable villains, returning for "The Living Dead," "Split!" and "Pandora." Other veterans back again included Wolfe Morris ("The Yellow Needle" and "The Decapod") and Alec Mango ("Conspiracy of Silence"), but there was little difference between Psev's villains, the one major weakness of a mostly solid plot line.


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